Kidblog - My Favourite Class Blogging Platform

I ran a workshop at the CESI conference on Saturday entitled Blogging Basics. At the workshop I ran through a number of blogging platforms and how they may be used in education. My favourite platform is Kidblog, and it seemed to attract a bit of attention from the workshop participants. So, for anyone who’s interested, here’s a more detailed explanation about how to go about setting your class up on Kidblog.

For starters, head to¬†and click on “Click to Create a Class” as highlighted in the image below.

Once you’ve done that you’ll be asked to choose a username, enter your email address (feel free to use any email address here, your students will never have access to it), choose a password, a class name and complete a word verification box.

When you’re happy with the details you’ve entered here just click on “Create Class” as highlighted below.

So, once you’ve created your class you’ll be presented with your dashboard. This is the area where all posts and comments can be reviewed, approved, edited or deleted as you see fit. One of the good points about Kidblog is the level of control that you have over your class blog.

Of course, a class is nothing without some wonderful students! To add yours, click on “Users” as highlighted below.

I mentioned at my CESI workshop that it can be a great help if you have a class list saved on your computer in .csv format. This can be created using Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheet program. Have one column with a list of your students’ names, and the adjacent column containing their passwords.

I created the below example using LibreOffice Calc to give you an idea of what your file should look like.

You can also simply create a plain text file (.txt) using Notepad or any other similar program. Just put a comma between each student’s name and password as shown below.

The reason these files are useful to have is that Kidbog allows bulk creation of users through uploading files of these types. So this saves you a lot of time as you won’t have to create individual users. Once you have your class list file ready:

1. Click on “Choose File”. Find and select your class list file.

2. Click on “Process CSV File”

Then let Kidblog work its magic! Once your users have been added, your students will be able to log in by navigating to your Kidblog class page at <>, clicking “Log In”, selecting their name from the dropdown menu and entering their password.

The final steps for you to take are to click on Settings, take a look at the privacy options, select a theme that your class will like and… get your class blogging!!

If you have any questions about the process I’d be happy to help. Just leave a comment on this post, or click the little question mark at the top of my blog.

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